Thanks for your assistance with this to date.

Nick, I think I located the bug WRT Descendant Report not displaying, JavaScript error.
John, I've made the changes you suggest WRT opening files in unicode, using conv_to_unicode for destfile.

- I've uploaded two new tarballs:
  Gramps 3.4 Version : http://www,
  Gramps 4.x Version :

- Updated entry to point to 4.x tarball:
    I'd love to get entries added to Plugins4.0 and Plugins3.4 if possible

- Updated Description page to contain links to both 3.4 and 4.x versions:

Again 4.x version is not tested but should work, 3.4 works fine for me.

Now... what process do I need to follow to get this into the add-ons repository so that more folk can get to see it ?

thanks again


On 15 April 2014 18:46, John Ralls <> wrote:

On Apr 15, 2014, at 9:09 AM, Nick Hall <> wrote:

> On 15/04/14 12:04, Matt Keenan wrote:
>> I've added new entry as suggested to :
>> I'd appreciate if someone of higher privilege could add entries for
>> 4.0 and 3.4
>> Description page and screen shots also added :
>> I've not managed to test this under 4.0/4.1 specifically, but I have
>> done extensive testing under 3.4 so I'm pretty confident it will work
>> neatly for 4.0 and 4.1, if someone can give them a very quick sanity
>> check I'd appreciate it.
>> Hope folk think these might be useful.
> Matt,
> The ancestral charts look good.  I'm sure people will find them useful.
> I couldn't get the descendant chart to work.  It only generated a heading.
> The imports need changing to get it working with 4.0, but I'll send you
> an updated version.
> For python3, you will need to get rid of the unicode function.  I see
> you are importing unicode_literals, so I'm not sure why you need it.

Use gramps.gen.constfunc.conv_to_unicode() instead, but only where necessary. Values you get from the database should already be unicodes, and since you’ve correctly set unicode_literals, all of your literals will be, too. One place that you *do* need it is when retrieving destfile from the UI, where you should replace
  self.destfile = menu.get_option_by_name('destfile').get_value()
  self.destfile = conv_to_unicode(menu.get_option_by_name('destfile').get_value(), ‘utf8’)
The first version will work in Python2 under Linux or OSX but will fail on Windows if the destfile path has non-ascii characters.

Don’t call str(), either. In Py2 that will convert the object to ascii and raise UnicodeErrors on non-ascii values.

Open your file with utf-8 encoding:
 fp =, ‘w’, encoding=‘utf8’)
to ensure that Python doesn’t do dumb things when writing out non-ascii characters.

The dataset in examples/gramps in the Gramps sources has entries with a variety of non-ascii characters to test with.

John Ralls

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