Good day Eckhard,

I fully sympathise with you and the frustration you must feel at getting your relatives to contriubute. 

I made a big breakthrough when we celebrated my mother's 80th birthday.  We rented a banquet hall (during February - cold here in Canada, so cheap rent and food), printed out both sides of the family each in a 2.5 metre chart and I blew up 12 pictures from the early 1900s which we also put up on the wall.  I got a great response and had two aunts volunteer to help.

As for collaboration on line, when I uploaded my file, the people that asked to "help" I received no help and found that the information was shared with others.  I knew this because there were errors in the file that I was well aware of.

If you are looking for a site, there is with a German site at

As for keeping control of your database, once you put it out there, that's it.



On 22 March 2012 17:28, Eckhard Genßmann <> wrote:

Hi all,

I’m using gramps form my private family research since some years and I’m really happy with it. However, as there are few members of my family interested in contributing to the research, I’m considering to change to an environment on web to allow collaboration with others.

I’m thinking on PhpGedView (but this looks very outdated) or Webtrees or something similar.

Nevertheless, I would like to maintain ownership of the data.  Ideally I could monitor what others are adding and then decide to accept this contribution or leave it with the person who added…


Is there any experience with that kind of collaboration? How are you handling this? Does it make sense to completely switch to the other tool or how could this work together with Gramps?

What happened with the Gramps project that was started some time ago to develop an online-version?


Many thanks,




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