Is there a list anywhere of the regular expressions which can be used in the filter?

On 24 April 2012 15:22, Peter Kidd <> wrote:
Dear Doug,

Many thanks for this; a very useful summary and explanation. I hope it
could be incorporated into the documentation.


On 24 April 2012 12:56, Doug Blank <> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 5:44 AM, Peter Kidd <> wrote:
>> Dear Jeff,
>> Thanks for this. I can see how your method would work, but it seems
>> like an extraordinarily complex way of doing one of the very simplest
>> things one might want to do with a filter: find people with a
>> particular name! (I find I hard to believe that GRAMPS has been in
>> development for so long and that there is not a simpler way of doing
>> this. There is, after all, already a filter field called "Name" --
>> it's just that it seems designed to filter on surname or forename but
>> not both.)
>> Can anyone else jump in with suggestions, or explain why this is not
>> something that has come up before as a requested feature?
> The search functionality is a little confusing, and we want to clean
> that up at some point. But you can easily do what you want.
> First, there are two different mechanisms for searching: the top bar
> Search and the side/bottom bar Filter. The top bar Search only appears
> when the entire sidebar is closed. You can close/open the
> Sidebar/bottombar  through menu -> View.
> Search and Filter work completely differently and it is useful to
> understand these differences:
> Search - the top bar search looks through the database as it appears
> in the rows and columns on the screen. For example, if you have the
> Name Display in Preferences set to show "Surname, Given" then you can
> match names as you originally tried with "Smith, J" and all of those
> rows will match. But if you change the way that names are displayed
> (in Preferences) then you will match that.  The Search functionality
> is probably the one you want to use most of the time, as it is most
> straightforward, but has some limitations (see below).
> Filter - the side/bottom bar Filters use a more complex system. It is
> not limited to what you see on the screen, but looks at the actual
> data. The name search will try to match on any single name part
> (given, surname, prefix, etc) of all names but appears to only match
> one---you can't match part of given and part of surname as you were
> first attempting. You can match surname, but not surname and given in
> the same name. (If you Filter on "John", you will get matches of
> people with firstname "John" but also those with surname "Johnson".
> You just can't filter on combinations of first and lastnames, as you
> were attempting).
> Some additional points:
> * The Filter will search alternative names too; Search only looks in
> the primary name (the one showing). That is why if you do a Filter on
> "Smith" you might see people listed that don't appear to match. But if
> you edit that person's details, you might see that they have an
> alternate name containing "smith".
> * You can open a bottom bar filter with top bar search, but that seems
> buggy; best to use filters only in the sidebar.
> * The Filter allows "regular expressions". So you can find all of the
> names that start with "B" and end in "ship": "B*ship". You can't do
> that with the top bar Search.
> * The Search will only match what is visible. If a name or text is too
> big to see in listing below topbar, then you won't find it. This is
> something to keep in mind when Searching through Notes. Best to use
> Filter for notes and other long text fields.
> Hope this helps! And I hope that we can integrate these two different
> systems into one that can do it all.
> -Doug
>> Cheers,
>> Peter
>> On 22 April 2012 06:25, Jeff Hunt <> wrote:
>>> Hi Peter, I rushed in without checking what you had done. After
>>> consulting the wife who uses Gramps a lot we came up with:---
>>> Go to the filter screen as you have been doing. Select Custom Filter -
>>> by clicking on the pencil - then create a rule from the rule list.
>>> Give the filter a name. Go to general filters by clicking on the + and
>>> scroll down. We selected 'People with the <Name>' and then filled in
>>> the value for given name and family name in the appropriate text
>>> boxes.
>>> Then return to ordinary filter and select the named custom filter and find.
>>> If this is not clear you can ask again privately.
>>> -J
>>> On 21/04/2012, Peter Kidd <> wrote:
>>>> Unless I have misunderstood something fundamental, what Jeff seems to
>>>> be describing is what I am already doing.
>>>> Can anything think what I might be doing wrong?  Of the various search
>>>> phrases I mentioned, which should work?
>>>> I am using fairly old hardware running Ubuntu 11.04, Gnome 2.32.1, and
>>>> GRAMPS 3.3.1-1. Would it help if I post some screenshots?
>>>> Thanks in advance ...
>>>> On 20 April 2012 22:31, Jeff Hunt <> wrote:
>>>>> From memory so beware  but the trick is to make sure you are on the People
>>>>> tab.
>>>>> Then the search box on the right should work.
>>>>> On 21/04/2012, Peter Kidd <> wrote:
>>>>>> I'm probably being dumb, but I can't find the answer to this.
>>>>>> When displaying the 'People' category I can use the 'Name' field to
>>>>>> filter the people displayed either by entering "John" to get all the
>>>>>> people called John, or by entering "Smith" to get all the people
>>>>>> called Smith, but it seems that I cannot enter "John Smith", "Smith
>>>>>> John", Smith, John", "Smith, J", or any other permutation to get all
>>>>>> the people called John Smith. Surely there must be a way to filter on
>>>>>> forename+surname, but I have not found it.
>>>>>> Help would be appreciated!
>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>> Peter
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