You are correct to say that Ancestry is still redacting the infirmity column, despite the fact that since 2011 this has no longer been necessary. This site explains the reason for redacting some information.
I expect you can see the 'unexpurgated' version on the above site, through their search facility, but it is a pay-per-view site.


On 23 September 2012 07:54, Tony Gordon <> wrote:
On Sun, 2012-09-23 at 00:06 +0100, Nick Hall wrote:
I'm sure that was reason we didn't add the infirmity column.

I use Ancestry and the content is still blocked on the images I have 
looked at recently.  Perhaps FindMyPast is better?

I'll add the Infirmity column now.


I have recently become aware that the 1891-1911 UK censuses used different forms for England and Wales. For Wales there was an additional column at the end 'Language Spoken' to which valid responses were "English", "Welsh" or "Both".


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