I am struggling to produce a query and I hope somebody out there can help me find the right combination of filters etc. to get what I want.

I would like a list of People where at least one of their Events occurred in a certain village.  This would be useful because I have found some of the Parish Registers for the areas I am interested in are starting to be published on line, and if I have a list of names I can search for them within the Register, instead of doing it the more usual way round - i.e. searching for the register entry for the person.

Using the Place Report, I can produce a list of Places containing my village or town name (for example) and a list of People associated with Events there. However, the Place Report lists the People and their Events within each Place, whereas what I'd ideally like is to be able to change the ordering of the output of the report so it gives me the Places within Person, rather than the other way around.  The reason for this is because if I have 6 Places with the name of my selected town or village in them and James Smith was born in one, baptised in another etc. etc. that James Smith will appear six times in my report and I'd only like him to appear once.

On a similar subject, looking at the General Filters in Events, the is one called 'Events with <data>' which allows me to get Events for a certain Place, but there is no Event type for 'All types', nor the ability to leave it blank, so if I want a list of all Events happening in a certain place it seems I have to include each Event Type, one by one. Is this right, or is there another way to do it?  In the People view, I could use the Custom filter to get People with at least on Event in the selected town or village, but composing the custom filter for each place takes too long. 

Thanks for  your help.