This thread has become a mighty topic here in Gramps now!  I am so glad to see that so many people are now involved in what might happen with NarrativeWeb?

I love the idea of making the plugins sort of like Gramplets that can be interchanged between working with NarrativeWeb and have other uses too if possible?

I, also, agree with the idea of cutting down the huge amount of options!  I think that there should be a base set of options that will allow the report to be ran simply from one click of a button...

I am wondering, if this could be handled in this manner...

In the NarrativeWeb report main window, that there be a menu option to allow the user to customize which of the eight(8) database objects that they want/ gramplets or plugins, and either a tab for each of the objects or

Have the objects listed in a row on the left, and their options independent to them to be on the right side...  A user clicks on the object icon on the left, and its options show in the right pane!

It would be nice if these options could be set/ saved as they are now for later reports...  

I understand there it might be nice to be able to run the reports from the command- line, but  I think with a report a huge and complex as this one might become, that it runs from Graphical mode only!

I do not want to get anyone mad or start a battle here, but I do believe that a line needs to be drawn in the sand at some point?

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 2:27 PM, Doug Blank <> wrote:
On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Benny Malengier
> 2011/8/23 Brian Matherly <>
>> >>NarrativeWeb (or some GV based reports like FamilyLines or addons) use
>> >> their own custom options, often added after different feature requests.
>> >>
>> >>Well, I am maybe wrong, but I suppose a good illustration might be the
>> >> Exporter wizard/assistant: export plugins to differents formats using the
>> >> same export model and advanced filtering feature.
>> >>
>> >>So, proxies run on database with the same way whatever options set.
>> >>Items/options/categories could be some current Page classes and/or
>> >> options.
>> >>
>> >>The idea could be extended by the ability to select multiple
>> >> options/pages together, like book report. Flexible and easier maintenance.
>> >>
>> >>This makes sense for all reports : Database -> reports -> proxies ->
>> >> report options. Advanced filtering (also private, living, backreferences) is
>> >> "parent" of report options.
>> >>
>> >>So, I suppose this is how pluggable NarrativeWeb may look like ?
>> >>
>> >
>> >Yes. Apart from the full complexity of that, a simple wizard can be
>> > created too. I'm sure you have used programs that have a wizard to get
>> > started with a document, probably libreoffice has it for some parts (create
>> > a letter,...)
>> The problem with a wizard is that it won't fit into the current report
>> options framework. Also, keep in mind that we want to be able to run the
>> report from the command line (and other alternative interfaces in the
>> future). Perhaps, if there are NavWeb "plugins", each type of page could be
>> a plugin, and each plugin could define its own tab on the current
>> ReportOptions dialog.

Brian, that is what I am thinking too. I think that there could be a
NarrWeb plugin for each of the major objects (Person, Family, Place,
etc) much like what we now have for Gramplets. In fact, I have a
prototype whereby we could reuse Gramplets (or something similar) on

> My idea would rather be that the wizard can create the ini file with the
> options to then run narweb, or select between a set of possibilities, to
> reduce complexity. It's not that we need the one button to do something
> approac, but the amount of options in narweb is already daunting.

I think that this is a fine idea, and can perhaps work for a variety
of Wizard/Scripting issues in Gramps. The .ini could actually be a bit
of python code, that could set the appropriate options and run the

Let's see what NarrWeb looks like in a refactored way (with good
defaults, and a good UI for drilling down to options). I think that it
will actually look better than it does now in that it will be better
organized. Currently, options are strung on various tabs, but having
the tabs match up exactly with the report will make things obvious.


> Benny
>> ~Brian
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