I am having a serious confusion problem with the creation of Html lists...

Here is what I have...

I have seven different object lists for the different objects in the database:

I would like to have it look like this when I am finished but we will see...

1. Genealogical FamilySearch Website Search Engine
    a. Person(s)
        1. Bonney
            a. Henry
            a. Ralph
            b. Sally
        2. Johnson
            a. Peggy
            b. Sarah
            c. Wayne

    b. Families
        1. Donald Pigskin and Carrie Moore
        2. Ralph Wellwaters and Peggy Saladfork

    C. Events
        1. Birth
            a. [E0000]
            b. [E1005]
        2. Census
            a. [E2201]
            b. [E2595]

    d. Places
        1. Johnsonville Brats
         2. Peggy's Hole in the Wall

    e. Sources

    f. Media
        1. Donny standing the dry well
        2. Sally eating live worms after a good lightning storm

    g. Repositories

Here is what I have for reference to what I have done so far?  Please svn up to rev18661...  Take a look at src/plugins/webreport/NarrativeWeb, lines 4324-4537 ...

If you do not like using that example will you start from the top and show me the code all the way down???

I know that there will also need to be some CSS elements added to the style sheets, but that can be done once the HTML is completed...

Thank you so very much, and I appreciate whatever help that you can show me...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey