Dear Doug:

Since we have not talked in a long time, I do not know what is going and how you are doing lately?

I am sorry to be pushy and a bit demanding, but I really need your work on NarrativeWeb so that Imay get working on it!  I do not know if you are overwhelmed with your personal life or not, and therefore too busy, but I will take it in whatever shape you have it and take running with it...

We are starting to develop some problems with it, and you have asked me to leave it alone until you release NarrativeWeb #2???

I know that most of you can digest all of the changes and pick it right up and run, but I need a whole lot of time to digest it...  I am just begging to get started...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

"Always surround yourself with people that inspire you to