I know that I am not exactly what you were asking about, as in a developer to test and give a complete analysis and help...

I am willing to do and try whatever parts that you would need feedback from a user standpoint...  I have a good working backup before I even start to use your new LARGE SOURCES!

I have been looking forward to this so I have a +1 for implementing this into Gramps-3.4.0 ...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 7:45 AM, Tim Lyons <> wrote:
I have made progress on implementing GEPS 023, many thanks to Nick
Hall for implementing treemodels with two object types and to Michiel
Nauta for help with upgrade.

I would be very grateful if some other developers could have a look at
the user interface and try it with their data. The GEPS is at:

The principal user interface changes are to the Sources view, and the
introduction of the Citations view. Key objectives are that citations
can be shared and have Media as well as Notes.

I have implemented a 'Merge citation' tool for use after database
upgrade, as suggested by Benny on the developers list on 29 Aug.

Database upgrade, xml import and export and the various editors are
all done. The citation filter is mostly done, but some of the other
filters still need some work.

GEDCOM import and export and the various reports are the main
outstanding things to be implemented.

Would it be possible for this GEPS to be added to the roadmap for
Gramps 3.4?


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