I was looking over my addon, and I see that I have over extended the use and purpose of it.  It's use and purpose of two fold:
1) View Exif Metadata
2) Ability to edit selected Exif metadata keys...

I have gone overboard with it's functionality by:
a) allowing the user to be able to convert a non- Exiv2 compatible image into one that is compatible.  Should I remove this functionality from this addon?  Yes, it does give our users an added benefit...

To go along with this conversion, the plugin will update the media's extension in the database for the user...

In being able to edit, the Exif metadata, the user can update/ change the title of the media.  Also if the user has not entered a date in the media editor, saving the Exif metadata will also add the date object for it...

Does any one have any ideas about this addon that might be of interest to our users or yourselves?

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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