Greetings Brian and Tim:

I truly agree that it should happen now!  I am willing to continue testing on my own and reporting problems to this list...

I know that things are going well so far as I have been using Geps023 for two weeks or more now....

I will hold off any changes that I am working on inside of NarrativeWeb until you have merged geps023 into trunk....

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 5:07 PM, Brian Matherly <> wrote:
>>>  I now believe that the GEPS023 branch is ready to merge into trunk, 

>>>  and would ask that the core developers could test it and agree that 
>>>  it is ready for the move.
>>  As long as there are no crashes, then I agree we should merge the 
>>  changes into trunk. I assume that the importers/exporters that are 
>>  not updated yet don't crash - they just don't support citations.
> If 
>>  we are crash free, then let's get the changes into trunk. If there 
>>  are crashes, let's work them out before we merge.
> I presume that you are talking about the 'core' Gramps build. There 
> are some modules in the sourceforge trunk repository that do not 
> appear to be used in the current Gramps. With that proviso:
> * Jerome has done GeneWeb,
> * the parts of the simple report that are used in 'core' work,
> * I can't update ImportProGen, because I don't have access to the 
> application for testing and anyway should it be regarded as part of 
> 'core'?
> * It is possible that there are some other parts of the core Gramps 
> build that might fail because of citations. I have done the relevant 
> searches of the code, and run through most of the functions during 
> testing, but I cannot be sure that something else will not crop up. 
> Hence the need for more exposure in trunk.
> webapp/*, ExportFtre, ImportGrdb and the rest of the simple access 
> routines are either not used in the core, or not included in the core.
> Import/Export CSV will probably fail (python exception).
> So, I believe that if I update the CSV modules, I will have met your 
> criteria, would that be agreeable?

Absolutely. Full steam ahead!


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Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey