On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 6:59 AM, Billie Walsh <bilwalsh@swbell.net> wrote:
    If there is no access I can just bring the laptop/netbook home, or go to a coffee shop maybe, and connect to the internet. Everything is synched up. If I use the netbook at the county courthouse someplace away from home when I get back to the hotel I connect and everything is synched. We also have a Sprint wireless card with a wireless router that we travel with. We can have several machines with internet going seventy miles an hour down the interstate. I could synch from anywhere I can hit a Sprint tower [ and with the amplifier and external antenna on the sprint card that's about twenty or thirty miles range ]. There's no possible way I can be at home and at the library at the same time so I can't have the database open in two places at the same time. If I'm home I wouldn't be making changes on two machines. No one else collaborates with me on the same database.
I would assume that Gramps should work with a similar setup, assuming you are using the exact same version of the software on all machines, and assuming you only have the database open in one copy of gramps at a time (Gramps locks the file to prevent more than one program altering the file at a time).
So what fails?
And what's the technical reason for it failing?