On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 8:03 AM, Enno Borgsteede <ennoborg@gmail.com> wrote:
As far as I know, Gramps can only store coordinates in the location table, so you have to make sure that each grave gets its own entry in that table. That means that you are sort of forced to use location names that include a grave number, or grave name, so that you can keep those entries separate.
I hope that I guessed right, and that this solves your problem. If it does not, please tell us exactly what you did, so we can reproduce the problem.
While it isn't perfect, I have used the description to store specific addresses.  Yes, it does have a drawback when it comes to mapping, but it prevents my locations from spiraling out of control.
I do wish that Gramps's location handling was better though.  The ability to nest locations, for example, so that Sweden is one location, Stockholm is a subset of Sweden, and a specific address is a subset of Stockholm.