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Residence events, Family events (which don't always exist) and Relationship
Information combine to further define the situation.

Thus, bastard will have a minimum of 1 father (Birth), and possibly one or
more Stepfathers (depending on how many times the Birth mother gets married
while he is a minor).
Maybe I'm missing a simple trick here, but I wish entering residence events were easier.
For example:  If I'm entering a residency event for John Smith, have a way to quickly add individuals who participated in John's previous residency events.
For example:
1.  Say I add the 1900 census for John Smith as a residency event
2.  Jane Smith (his wife), their two children, and John's brother Joseph Smith are listed.  I share the event with them.
3.  I add the 1910 census event for John Smith, and then I automatically get a list of the same individuals with checkboxes (or something) to let them share the 1910 census event.
The code shouldn't be that complicated.   Maybe have it configurable, so it checks back X years for individuals who shared previous residency events.  So I may have John Smith's residency from 1901 to 1909 through city directories, and perhaps (wife) Jane Smith is occasionally listed, and (brother) Joseph Smith probably shows up, but minor children are unlikely to be listed.  While it can be presumed that the children are at the same residence, I'd rather not record them as members of an event unless they are specifically noted.