Hello all.  I have a new version of the Descendant tree report that I would like to share with the world (gramps community).  The code is all cleaned up, more/better comments added, etc.

Would I post this code to this news group (atachment)?
How can I best guarantee PEP8 conformance?
How do I best make the ID line:
# $Id: DescendTree.py ..... 2008-06-27 21:18:48Z ander882 $


  Craig J. Anderson


In this version I have added the following:

1. Level of Spouses.  or the ability to show spousal information
  1. Now can show a spouse (level 1)
  2. that and spouses of the spouse (level 2)
  3. that and other spouses of the above (level 3)
  4. etc.
2. can indent the spouses to see them better
3. Replacement Strings


The Level of Spouses is something I have wanted and something I have seen other people wanting.
Also be able to indent the spouses. This makes them a little bit easier to see and the report easier to read.

The Replacement String is a neat little feature as every box has the same width. So if one person happens to have a very long birthplace, ie: "Room 5, Mount Sinai Hospital of New York, New York, County Name, New York, United States of America". and the string length is almost twice of the next longest string... Well lets go ahead and use this new feature like the following:

1. United States of America/
2. Room 5, /
3. of New York/
4. County Name, /
which will give: "Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, New York". Something much shorter and saves a LOT of empty space.
Also this feature is good for abbreviating country names and other things. I have even used it to shorten 15 characters off of a long middle name.

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