More explanation: The text entry box is wide enough but it is not "tall" enough. This happens in KDE and in Gnome.

I renamed the config file "gramps.ini" in both the gramps34 and gramps40 folders, and started gramps again. This did not solve the problem.

Also: The scrolling windows to choose an existing place and an existing source need to be bigger -- "taller".

It is a Linux problem, not a 4.0.2 problem. I downloaded 4.0.2 for Windows and installed it with Wine. The text entry box for notes and the window to select an existing source are the right size.

While working on this I noticed something else. I started with only KDE installed and gramps used the KDE system colors. Then I installed GNOME Desktop, tried gramps there, and then switched back to KDE, which I prefer. Now gramps does not use the KDE system colors. Is there a setting for this? Green and blue backgrounds are a lot easier on my eyes.

-- Ed Hamilton

On 11/21/2013 08:05 AM, Ed Hamilton wrote:
I am using gramps 4.0.2 for Linux in Fedora 20, beta release. It came from the Updates Testing repository.

How do I resize the text entry box for a note for a  person?

When I put the cursor over the bottom border of the box, the cursor changes from an arrow to a shape like an uppercase letter "I" (in serif font). -- That is good. But when I try to drag the bottom border down to enlarge the box, it scrolls the text inside the box instead, if there is already a note for that person.

This happens whether I arrive at the note from the editing dialog for the person or by selecting the note from the complete list of notes that comes up after you select Notes in the left sidebar.

I also think the text entry box should be bigger by default -- the same size as in the 3.0 series of releases.

Thank you,
Ed Hamilton

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My Old Ohio Home

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