A *full tree* (in 2D) is very very hard as lines start to cross (very badly).  But if all you want is grandparents on down there is a report:

For version 3.2

The 'Familiar descendant report' will take a family as a center.  Show the parents of the center family's parents and everyone down.  So for the children of the family, you will see cousins (of the children).

Maybe this is what you want?

  Craig A.

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> Subject: [Gramps-users] Displaying a tree with all people
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> Hi,
> Is there a way to draw a tree with all the people in the database? E.g.
> my siblings, my uncles and aunts, etc. In whatever format, can be PDF,
> HTML or even in the program itself.
> Thanks.
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> Juliusz Gonera
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