> Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 12:42:14 -0800 (PST)
> From: Bob2000 <denbigh1974@boltblue.com>
> Subject: Re: [Gramps-users] Family Descendant Tree add-on
> Thanks for your reply, Craig.
> I think that your add-on is excellent so this is in no way a criticism. I'm
> just trying to make it work to suit my need.*

That is exactly why I have made it.  The current graphical reports didn't cut it (for me).

> I tried your suggestion. For some reason the boxes weren't exactly the same
> width. The difference was about 1.5%. (I'm using Inkscape 0.47 to open the
> SVG files.)

1.5%?  Hmm.  I can see that with how I calculated the widths this will happen.  I could calculate the widths differently.... 
I guess it would make sense.  I'll look into it.  Oh, I'm currently on another project, so don't look for it soon.

> I shall experiment with other output options to see if I can get closer to
> what I want. (Perhaps a dummy entry of maximum text length?)

I had thought of this too, but with how widths are calculated....  mileage may vary.

> *You have a tree option 'start with the parents of the selected first'. If
> there was an option 'start with the grandparents of the selected first' then
> my required output would be generated with no further work required.

wonderful.  we want the same thing.  but with this option, lines start crossing and I have no way to prevent it.  and it looks really really bad.  Is this why you want a report A and report B together?  Report A for Moms side, B for Dads?  Sorry, but this is my only solution at this time.

I even want to go further.  Page A have Dads Dad tree and Dads Mom tree.  Page B has Moms Dad and Moms Mom tree.  each ending with my grandparents stating their name and they are on my cousin report.  and page C would be my cousin report.  All on the wall.

but you gave me some ideas.
1 Another tab to run a second report on the same page for someone else (your Report A and B)
2 or another tab to save report(s) to a file and then print them all to paper.
I thought I was crazy for thinking about this, but you gave me a good reason.  I can't say when/if this will happen.  and I don't ever see more than two reports needed to be done at the same time (so probably option 1).

Thanks for giving me the sanity test.

Craig A.