> Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 06:15:11 -0800 (PST)
> From: Bob2000 <denbigh1974@boltblue.com>
> Subject: [Gramps-users] Family Descendant Tree add-on
> I have generated two graphic SVG files (call them graphic A and graphic B)
> using Craig Anderson's Family Descendant Tree add-on.
> For both A and B, under Tree Options, I chose 4 generations and checked
> 'start with the parents first'. Under Print, I chose 'do not scale report'.
> I have selected a big paper size (A0).
> I generated Graphic A and Graphic B - no problem. They both show 5
> generations.
> I want to use Inkscape to join A and B manually . The problem is that two SVG
> graphic files are different widths. The
> boxes containing the names are smaller in B than they are in A.
> Are there any settings I can choose so that the boxes A and B will come out
> with identical widths?

Hi, I'm Craig, the creator of this report.  As it is still an add-on, I would be the best to address this issue.

The widths of the boxes are based off of the maximum text length within the report.  So naturally two reports will (should) have different box sizes.  The best way to battle this IMHO is to choose 'Scale report to fit page width only' instead of 'do not scale report.'  This will make sure that the boxes are the same width as they are both scaled to the same page width.  This will regretfully make the text sizes a little different as those scale different as well.

Hope this helps.  If you have any other questions, just ask.  and I'm working hard on a new version and inclusion into Gramps.

thanks and please help with improvements.

  Craig A.

P.S. I would like in the future to have an option like this.  Show all of Moms family (out to her cousins) in one report, Dads in another, and then my family.  All in one package.  It would look SWEET on the wall.