Benny, you say:
" The idea of GRAMPS the last year has been aimed to making sure data is
entered correctly. You raise here the valid point that this has slowed down
data entry considerably.
However, keep in mind that the data is only so good as it is entered in the
application, so a balance must be kept.

With the above I mean, if we allow some quick fields for entry, it has no
use if this leads to sloppy entry (eg forgetting to add source), or if the
quick entry means you have to call up the detailed entry 80% of the time to
enter additional stuff."

But why does it have to be a tradeoff?  Why should GRAMPS be forcing its users to not forget to add sources?  If I am a good genealogist, then I will source my data and don't need to be forced to do it in a way that decreases usability, because even if the quick entry means you have to call up the detailed entry 80% of the time, that would not decrease the number of steps required if you have edit fact and add source buttons referring to the person, birth, and death records, which is perfectly feasible and would not crowd it up too much.


Laura here:
I also know that I found the keyboard shortcut "CTRL S" so very, very convenient in FTM. That shortcut brought up the SOURCE box for me whenever I wanted to add a source. It has been explained to me how to use notepad for something similar, but it still doesn't compare with ease of use.

Since my database is pretty well established, most of the time I am simply adding people or sources because of information in an obituary in our local paper. The CTRL+S allowed me to simply keep adding that source (in this case 'obituary') through easy steps. I uses CTRL+V then, to paste relevant details about that source, say the newspaper name, date, etc. as I went along. Adding information from a obituary was a 5 minute job or less whereas now I find myself setting them aside due to lack of time to spend doing it the GRAMPS way which is very new to me. Perhaps I will become faster and more familiar with GRAMPS as I use it more. It's a great product and I'm not complaining, just suggesting :)

Thank you for this discussion.

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