Hello again,

In digging deeper, I have discovered many of my disconnected individuals are siblings of those already in my tree. However, in most cases, there are no parents. Upon creating my gramps files from a gedcom, it took these siblings and disconnected them.

When a person in my tree passes away I list the siblings if shown in the paper. Or perhaps it's from a wedding that shows "siblings" I'm not sure. But I do know that I don't have a name for the parents.

How can I connect them as siblings to others already in my database when there are no known parent names?

Thank you!

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> Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 08:32:04 +0200
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> Laura,
> I have two suggestions:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > Finally had a chance to mess with GRAMPS for a bit and have quite a mess in my file and I'm trying to fix some of the stuff.
> >
> > On my Gramplet page I have "disconnected individual" list of 60 people and when I double click it generates a list of those people. I would like to be able to print that list off.
> >
> > I tried selecting all and copy/paste into a word processor with no luck. I also tried creating a custom filter and then copy/paste...no luck there either. I also took my filter-generated list and tried to move it to "clipboard". This generated and unexpected error and I was unable to file an error report because it took me to a page at gramps for which I did not know what to do. I finally had to do "print screen" about 5 times to get my list of people to print...there has to be an easier way. Am I just not seeing it?
> Go to Peoples view and filter out "Disconnected people". Then go to "Family Trees>Export View" and export this view to a CSV file, which you can load into a spreadsheet or text editor.
> >
> > A second question about disconnected individuals; just what are they? Some do appear to be totally disconnected to anyone. In fact, they are from a different family tree. I have no clue how they got in this family tree unless it was last year when I imported the gedcom.
> >
> > But some of the individuals ARE attached to others in the tree. Why then would their name(s) appear on this "disconnected" list?
> Is it possible that you have duplicate people? One that is "free" and one that is connected?
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