Op 29 mei 2011 19:46 schreef Jürgen Refardt <Juergen.Refardt@gmx.net> het volgende:

first of all it's a great application I want to use for my genealogy.

I found for windows and mac version following "problem":
before to know:
I have dates that are ABT or approx.
I f I filter with a specified date like "1961" I have also such data sets with the approx. dates in the result list.
In German language I filter for "1961" and receive also "etwa 1920" or similar data sets.
For my opinion this is a wrong handling.

You can configure the regions around inprecise dates:
Menu Edit->Preferences->Dates
and reduce the zone for etwa so it is more to your liking.
This is not a bug, this is something many users require.

The MAC version you can not use because of the "GeheZu" or "GoTo" Menu.
Every entry I rework will be in the list of the "GoTo" menu with a number shortcut.
Since you rework one person the "0" cannot used after.
Since you rework the second person the "1" is blocked.

Result after rework 10 person you never can use a number for other dialogs like the filter.

Ok, there is a bug about somebody claiming numbers not working and we had no idea where it comes from. Please add your findings to bug number:


This fact make the usage of this application impossible.

I intall the Gramps-Intel- package.

Can someone tell me how to deactivate the "GeheZu" / "GoTo" menu?
Or it's possible to receive a fix?

Kind regards,

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