Nice that you keep extending this.
On how to continue: work with the most stable things. The gen module is most important, The other pieces more use gen, and change quickly. So the aim of eg the source editor is not to reuse it in some form. It hence does not make much sense to put the API on the net in the documentation, as nobody needs that.

When you think it is nice, you should ask Nick W. to update it on the server.


2011/5/30 Jérôme <>

I am trying to update the API documentation for the next major release[1].

The hardest work was done by Benny and now there is nothing very
complicated... I only see some warnings about spacing or indentation on
docstrings. So, very cosmetic issues.

I started to list basics modules for CLI/GUI, enable documentation for
Date and Relationship handlers (also quick references for localized

The 3.3 draft version is available on bug-report #4935 [1].

I suppose this could be already added as updated version, but I do not
know what is the next need with the API documentation:

* to complete GUI (ie. documentation for editors, plug, selectors,
views, widgets)
* to add a reference about docgen for plugins (+ extended gen.plug)
* a localization group (ie. + + + localized handlers + GrampsLocale +
* to add/create references for all modules on the root folder (ie.,,,,,,, etc ...)
* Filter section
* Web section (libdjango, dbdjango, webstuff, etc ...)

Note, it is the documentation, so I suppose it is for people who want to
start to use API. Something like an help for understanding the current
ecosystem and classes/modules available.



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