My biggest concern is people's names.  I've got a few
ancestors who used different names at different times in
their lives, and not just surnames that changed on marriage.
In one case, a woman who was married twice (and so had three
surnames) was variously Mary, Sarah, Mary Sarah or Polly --
it took quite a while to unravel that!  In this case, I've
made "Mary Sarah" her given names and "Polly" her nick name.

I add a source for each name, which I find easy to do in Gramps, and I think when it outputs the NarWeb page it does a good job.

But when I'm adding census data, data from tombstones,
baptism records, and so on, I'd really like GRAMPS to store
the name that was actually used in that source.  That way,

Here is my real-life example, which does include 10 different variations in the name on the tombstone, census, etc: