Thanks for the great work everybody. Especially the new contributors (you know who you are) who made it possible to finish all the last open problems.

Nevertheless, for safety, create a .gramps xml file via export in 3.2.x before upgrading. Better safe than sorry.

This version of Gramps has some great features, now full steam ahead for a possible 4.0 in 2012 based on new base libraries and who knows, large source support, mobile version, cloud version, .... ??


2011/6/12 Stéphane Charette <>
Version 3.3.0 -- the "Prelude to the next version" new feature release.   Note this version contains many new features, including:
You can download Gramps from this location on Sourceforge:

Package maintainers -- please note the other discussion thread on gramps-devel in regards to new and/or changed dependencies!  Please e-mail me directly if you've packaged Gramps 3.3.0 and I'll post it for you on Sourceforge.


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