Do you plan to make the Debian package soon? If so, please use the correct NarrativeWeb.py file if possible, so that Debian based releases get it correct also.

Bug: http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/view.php?id=4875
As a patch: http://gramps.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/gramps/branches/maintenance/gramps32/src/plugins/webreport/NarrativeWeb.py?r1=17098&r2=17370


2011/5/8 Benny Malengier <benny.malengier@gmail.com>
I don't mind another release if Stephane has the time, but feel it is not a requirement. The addon to fix it is released and that is easy to install.


2011/5/8 Michaël Van Dorpe <michael.vandorpe@gmail.com>
Op 03-05-11 12:32, Doug Blank schreef:
> 2011/5/3 Michaël Van Dorpe<michael.vandorpe@gmail.com>:
>> 2011/5/2 Doug Blank<doug.blank@gmail.com>
>>> 2011/5/2 Michaël Van Dorpe<michael.vandorpe@gmail.com>:
>>>> On an Ubuntu Natty install, with the .deb of Gramps 3.2.6 I installed
>>>> from the Gramps website a couple of days ago, I tried the procedure set
>>>> out below (with a restart of gramps in between the installation of the
>>>> addon and the running of the report), and it does not seem to work. The
>>>> problem with the markup of the pedigree in the resulting narrative
>>>> website is still there.
>>> Thanks for testing. I now realize that gramps32 is not a good as gramps33
>>> :)
>>> I had to rename the webreport in the addon, so that you'll have 2
>>> Narrative Reports in your menu, one that has "1.0.1" in its name. Use
>>> that one for the fix. (Gramps33 seamlessly allows replacement so the
>>> steps would work for it). When a user gets 3.2.7, they can hide the
>>> old version.
>> I see. I can test this this evening Central European Time.
>> I have a script which runs the narrative web report from the command line
>> and uploads any changes to the report over ftp to my website using sitecopy.
>> I will have to look into that script to make sure I invoke the correct
>> report if it has a different name. Unless of course, it will be impossible
>> to use the 1.0.1 report through the command line. In that case, I guess I
>> can also replace the relevant narrweb.py (or whatever it is called) and
>> re-install gramps.
> You will be able to do everything that you did before, but the report
> name is "Narrated Web Site 1.0.1".
>> I'm comfortable that I can get the desired result, but maybe these things
>> should be taken into account when you decide whether to do a bug fix release
>> for this one.
> Yes, this is a lot for the user to do. I think I would just make a 3.2.7.
> -Doug

Any plans for such a release to be made? Presumably, it would only need
to include the updated narrweb report.

There are questions about this on the blog as well -



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