>From the NEWS file:

Version 3.2.3 -- the "I used to eat there. Really good noodles." release.
* Bug fixes:
-> several GLADE fixes
-> several GEDCOM fixes (both export and import)
-> several crash fixes
-> encoding fix (Windows only)
-> privacy/living fixes
-> updates to NarrativeWeb and the css stylsheets
* Translation updates: bg, ca, de, es, fr, he, nb, nl, pl, sk, sv

I've finished uploading the source package to SourceForge, and the Ubuntu .deb file is currently building.  Look for it on SourceForge shortly.  I'll upload the .rpm, .exe, and various other package formats as I get them over the next few days.  https://sourceforge.net/projects/gramps/files/

This is our first release that follows the new "code freeze" format we put in place last month.  A big "thanks" to all the Gramps developers, testers, translators, and our everyday users.

Stéphane Charette