Greetings All:

I know that the topbar filter is a quick and dirty example to narrow down your records, but as you pointed out yourself, that it can NOT do multiple field searches!  I am a , minor developer, who spends very little time in coding and most of my time in searching and researching of my family tree!  Since I finally did turn on the sidebar/ filter, it has become such an invaluable tool and resource for me.  I do NOT know how I got along without it for so long...

I totally disagree with removing the sidebar/ filter!!!  I, do, support the idea of removing the topbar filter though...

With the sidebar/ filter, I can complete a search in the events for example:

1) All Marriage events
2) bet 1908 and 1953
3) in Ohio state

and it is done!  This is not only an example, but it is one of the searches/ filtering that I wanted to do because of a website out that that provides marriage certificates with that creiteria!

Example 2:
* I am looking for a particular person named Benjamin and he was born in 1829... I can do this in the PeopleView using the filter sidebar!

I would be COMPLETELY LOST if you removed the filter/ sidebar!  It is an unmentionable idea!

As previously spoken to Doug and Nick, it does need to be upgraded though to have more options than just one in the interface/ configuration settings!  I do want the filter/ sidebar open at all times in PeopleView,FamilyView, EventView, PlaceView, SourceView, MediaView, NoteView, and RepositoryView.  I do not want it open in GrampletView, RelationshipView, AncestryView, Geoview, and HtmlView!

I would also love to see being able to have a place where I can attach/ dock some of the most used gramplets too!  I do not know where they should go though?  Doug says that they can go in the same space as the filter/ sidebar though...

As ststed before, I am 100% agreeable to removing the topbar search!

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 1:39 PM, Tim Lyons <> wrote:

I think removing the topbar search facility would be a bad idea (TM). I
frequently use the search facility as a very quick way to narrow down a
large number of entries. In contrast, I didn't really know that the filter
sidebar existed (although now you mention it, I may have seen references to
it on gramps-devel), and I have certainly never used it. The filter sidebar
takes up a lot of space in the window, whereas the search is very compact.

If you want to simplify the interface, then I would much prefer you removed
the filter sidebar instead! If it were to be removed then I seriously doubt
it would be noticed except by real power users like developers.

If you think it provides useful functionality that will be missed then what
about adding 'custom filter' to the bottom of the top filter drop-down, and
allowing the user to specify one of the filters he had defined in the filter
editor. After all, if you remove the top filter, and someone wanted to do a
negative filter, then the amount of work needed would be about the same.
[Presumably if you select custom filter, then the type-in box beside the
drop-down would contain the name of the selected filter].
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