A couple of possibilities

1. The World Connect Project search page at Rootsweb - can have results worldwide, although primarily North America and Europe would be my guess as to the majority of results.


2. The USGenWeb Archives search page - primarily USA


Both provide genealogical data from contributors to the projects

Bob Kuehl

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 9:20 PM, Doug Blank <doug.blank@gmail.com> wrote:
Gramps users,

I'm assembling a collection of web sites and associated searches to
make it easy to interface with Gramps. Specifically, I'm looking for
genealogical web sites that can have the search data filled in by
Gramps. If you know of a good resource for finding information, even
if that is local to your country/area please send me a link, and a
sample search URL.

For example, here are two sample searches:



Both of these have the surnames and given names in the URL, which
makes it easy for gramps to replace them with data from your tree.

Ideally, these URLs would be:

1) freely available, and preferably not require registration or cookies
2) useful to at least the people in your area/country
3) connectable to gramps (have search data in the URL)
4) used in any of the listing pages in gramps (people, family, places, etc)

But, any such web addresses would be useful, even if they are not
ideally suited to these criteria.

If you have such useful URLs and sites, please send them to me. For
each URL I need to know what collection or category the search might
go into (for example of some categories, consider "USA", "UK",
"Europe", "Sweden", "Holocaust Survivors", etc).



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