I give up.  I've tried many times now over the past few days, and the upload always hangs at the end.  Both with FF, and with Chrome.  The % complete message is gone, and instead it displays "Your file is currently being uploaded, please wait..."

If someone has another idea as to where or how to upload this ~700MB file, please speak up.


On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 00:39, jerome <romjerome@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> I don't know why uploading to SourceForge is so slow.

Synchronisation with all servers ?
Maybe needs one day!

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2010/11/28 Kenneth Wyrick <kmw@caltek.net>

I do not see: lgenealogy-6.1-desktop-i386.iso at the site below. would you

please please be so kind as to send me the specific url?  thanks.

Please see my previous 2 messages:

--> The normal SourceForge download page would be:

--> https://sourceforge.net/projects/gramps/files/Stable/3.2.5/


--> The upload is currently at 25%.  You'll need to wait a bit longer for
the file to actually
--> appear.  The file you're looking for is named 

The file is now at 54%.  I don't know why uploading to SourceForge is so slow.  But you'll need to be patient.  The file will be there.  Give it time.


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