Dear Emmanuel:

I would very much like to see this gramps-addons!  I am also excited to see the screen shots...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 4:11 PM, Emmanuel Tavernier <> wrote:


I have been writing a modification of the Fan Chart report to create a
descendant fan chart (starts from a chosen center person and unfolds for
its descendants). It is not quite finished, as it is not optimized and I
have not yet done the effort of bundling it into an installable add-on.
For the time being, I just import the py file located in
gramps/plugins/drawreports in the add-on manager. My questions are the
following :
- Has anyone already worked on such an add-on ?
- Is there a 'test family' I could work on to check various features ?
For example I checked double marriages, but there might be other
standard situations that are more complicated to handle.
- If anybody is interested in trying this add-on, should I send it to
this list, or should I post it directly into the third party add-on part
of the gramps wiki ?

- Lastly, one thing that really slows my developping is the need to
reload the add-on in gramps, run report etc. Is there a way to simply
call the report generator on the command line and automatically have it
connect to the database to generate a test report ? Something similar to
if __MAIN__ etc...

What the script does for the time being is run through the family of all
descendants for a given number of generations, and for each person
assign a wedge angle proportionnal to its number of descendants. Then it
creates the wedges and writes name and dates radially. I only have
examples for my family now, so if there were a test family, I could send
you some pdfs.

Thank you,


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