The following mail of Nick is of importance for those users that help create the manual on the gramps wiki.


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From: Nick Wallingford <>
Date: 2011/2/28
Subject: [Gramps-devel] Wiki Manual for 3.3
To: Gramps developers <>

I have this morning done the 'rollover' of the wiki manual pages in
preparation for the 3.3 version.

The process is a bit of a blunt instrument: I locate all wiki pages that
have 3.2 in their title and export them to my local machine.  I then do
a search and replace on 3.2 to make it all 3.3 (in title and body of
pages...) before re-importing them into the wiki.  I've then re-built
the search index for the wiki so the pages can be found.

Note that search/replace of the body text *could* give some unintended
results, but we've done it this way for the last several versions to
save as much work as possible for the new manual's creation...

All up, there are 285 new pages, ready for users to start editing to
update the manual so it matches the 3.3 version.  Please let me know if
you want a listing of the pages, or if you see any obvious problems with
the rollover.

As soon as I get the word from the lead developers, I'll be making all
of the 3.2 manual pages non-editable, so that all revisions will be into
the new manual.

Nick W.
Tauranga, NZ

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