Anyone on devel know the details I've left out, or can correct me where I've gone wrong?  Ralf has been asking on the user list how to setup multiple computers accessing a central gramps database.

Also:  does GrampsConnect still exist?  I haven't been keeping track of things, so I don't even know if this ceased-to-be, or morphed into something else, or...?  The URL does seem to exist anymore.


2010/12/31 Stéphane Charette <>

You cannot officially run GRAMPS on multiple computers to access the same database.  However, there are some unofficial ways of doing this, with some caveats.  First, you should ensure you are running the same version of GRAMPS and the same version of BDB across all installations.  Otherwise you'll corrupt the database.  The other thing is you need to ensure the two (or more) computers aren't accessing the database at the same time.

I've never done this, so I'm not 100% certain I'm remembering things correctly, but I know it has come up on the mailing list in the past.  I strongly suggest you you ask on the gramps developer mailing list for additional details on what it takes and how to prevent known things from going wrong.

For the future, someone is also working on things like GrampsConnect which is a web-based approach to running GRAMPS.  I'm not certain what the status is, but some information is available here:  The idea here is you could have a central GRAMPS repository and then acccess it from multiple computers like you want.

Hope all this translates to German for you.  :)


On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 11:37, Ralf Lehmeier <> wrote:
Stéphane Charette schrieb:
> My google translate says this, which I'm not certain I understand:
> "Is it possible to set the profile to a server and multiple
> Computers simultaneously to access it?
> It would not matter whether individually or several at once."
> Is the question about having a central GRAMPS database and having access
> to it from multiple computers?
> (Do we have FAQ entry about this, as it comes up fairly regularly?)
> Stéphane

Danke für den Tip, aber ich finde keine Anleitung in der FAQ.

MfG R.Lehmeier

> On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 15:43, Ralf Lehmeier <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hallo!
>     Ist es möglich das Profil auf einen Server zu legen und mit mehreren
>     Rechnern gleichzeitig darauf zuzugreifen?
>     Es wäre egal ob einzeln oder mehrere gleichzeitig.
>     MfG R.Lehmeier

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