2010/11/22 Serge Noiraud <Serge.Noiraud@free.fr>
Benny Malengier a écrit :

2010/11/22 Doug Blank <doug.blank@gmail.com <mailto:doug.blank@gmail.com>>

   Thanks for all of the feedback!

   It seems all of the arguments so far have been about the UI, which is
   fine. That suggests that we can get rid of the two different ways of
   functioning and collapse that down to just one (the way that sidebar
   works, perhaps with some niceties added). That would get rid of having
   to explain differences.

   The problem remaining, then, is how to make a consistent UI that could
   use either a simple, topbar filter, or something more (and even
   suggest to users that there is something more powerful available).

   Some ideas:

   1) Have a simplified topbar available for single entry, simple filters
   (either a single column, or a single custom filter).
   2) This might require that every field have associated with it a
   filter (so that date columns would be searched by the date logic,
   "male" would not match "female", note would search the entire text,
   3) More complex filters could be available by having a "+" button in
   the topbar, which would bring up a dialog (not sidebar). That would
   prevent real estate from being eaten up. The topbar would become a
   button indicating that a more complex filter is in effect. Clicking it
   would bring up the dialog (which used to be the sidebar filter).
   4) This would integrate the topbar/sidebar as the topbar would be a
   simplified version of the full dialog, and only shown when the dialog
   5) This also removes some of the complexity by just making the sidebar
   a dialog, which is either opened or closed, and makes it so that its
   showing is independent of the gramplet pane. (As an aside, the full
   filter dialog could be dockable in the gramplet pane, which would give
   nearly the current appearance of the sidebar filter).

   Does anyone see any issue with that type of strategy?

It is hard to envisage what you mean.
I suppose the gramplet pane can be closed also.

Technically I know very good how topbar/sidebar relates to the view as I rewrote that with Nick for 3.2. The changes you want to do go deep in the core code and are not that simple.
What is the global strategy?

1. We still have the problem in trunk that Geoview is broken with panes. That needs a solution, meaning several of us will have to try and fix that. Serge thinks it is a Gtk bug...
NO. it's not a gtk but a gtk-webkit bug or a not implemented functionality for webkit in a paned window.

I'm interested too in this new filter as I incorporated navigation and filters into geoview.
I'm actually trying to break geoview in several modules and classes.
The navigation an filters will be some of them.

Yes, Geoview must be broken up in smaller pieces.
Can you do that work in a new branch which we merge back in later. Or do you expect this to be finished in 1 or 2 weeks?