2010/8/20 Chuck Arnold <cca@deltaforge.com>
I really wanted to post this as a note on the bug tracker system but was not able to figure out how to add a note-- so I decided to post this here with the thought in mind that it may help others who may have run across this same problem.

This involved two of my family tree dbs -- My other three trees did not have this problem.
I submitted a bug report on this -- here:http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/view.php?id=4135
Here's the issue:
When exporting to xml the process reached 85% then came up with a dialog box reporting an error.
then I tried to run the repair tool and it also produced an error.
I found a large number of empty notes where the id was "none". I deleted these and then was able to run the repair tool successfully.
Then I found a "person" starting with a "comma" (,)-- (no given name and surname "Unknown" --the comma apparently a typo). After deleting this "person", the export went off without a hitch.  So apparently this problem is solved.

I think you have hit the consequence of an old bug in an earlier version that on import could create empty notes or empty people.
An alternative would probably have been to use the 'Remove empty objects' tool, which was written in light of similar import bugs in the past.

There is little we can do about the bugs with the 'corrupted' family tree, we would need your tree to give better error messages. More important for us is to know how the database got corrupted.
If you find a bug in present gramps that can create the empty notes or people, then we have something to fix


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