2011/3/20 Dianne Reuby <pramclub@yahoo.co.uk>
I'm thinking of upgrading to an Android phone - are there any genealogy
apps that fellow Gramps users can recommend? I go to my local library to
use Ancestry, so I'd use it for storing data to transfer into Gramps on
my PC which runs Ubuntu.

There are some proprietary genealogy apps out there. So these would produce GEDCOM.

Gramps has no phone app at the moment, you can off course run the narrative web report and store it locally to look at your data while on the move. You then need to input the data on the desktop.

We did not decide yet how to do a genealogy app. There is an effort to create a cloud application, so a gramps instance you can run in a web browser. On the other hand there are some tries to see what it would take to create a genea app.
In essence, the smart phone landscape is still changing too quickly. As it looks now however, it seems safe to assume it would be easiest to create an app for meego, and also possible to create one for Android (using a different storage backend). IPhone or WP7 would require writing an app from scratch at the moment, which I don't think anyone from Gramps will do.
Clearly, the cloud application looks most promising, as it would work everywhere, but setting up a cloud app has two disadvantages:
1/ more complicated for the normal user
2/ connectivity needed.

So, consider us slow movers on this front. I think the tablet interface would be better for a genea app, a phone is too small for the full input. So perhaps we should focus on that first, but as you know, that market is even younger than smart phones.

Perhaps a question to the users. What would you like best
1/ a browsing app on a touch smart phone
2/ a cloud application in the web browser with look and feel for phone/tablet/desktop
3/ an edit app on a touch smart phone
4/ an edit app on a tablet



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