2010/8/31 Peter Landgren <peter.talken@telia.com>


I have tested both the surname field and styled notes and I have not seen any strange behavior with
the characters i have tested; åäöÅÄÖéè.

In the styled notes, I have to press undo twice sometimes, specially if I delete/undo over more than
one line. It seems that one undo moves the cursor and the next undo "undoes" the deleted text?

svn up, please test again if now ok, I check on character length of the unicode conversion now, instead of the length passed which appears to be pointer to a buffer and hence 2 for a unicode character like these.

Main problem now is: what will this give on windows? Do you still have your windows box with trunk on to give it a quick try?


One other thing regarding the notes editor: Is it possible to make the with for the font size
smaller? Now you can enter font sizes much greater than realistic. In this way the buttons to the
right will all be seen for the normal size of the notes editor window.