Version 3.2.4 -- the "Tententen" bug fix release.
* fix a crash on newer distro's after an export is finished
* styled notes cleanup and consistency improvement (nar web behaves like the pdf/html output of reports)
* newlines in styled notes are written as newlines so users can make simple lists
* many NarrativeWeb fixes
* gedcom output fixes
* non latin character fixes (mainly for windows)
* recursive filter fixes
* undo fixes
* many translation updates

Thanks to all who participated.  Looking at the Changelog file, I see 120+ code/translation commits and another 35+ commits just for translation updates.

There were 17 distinct people who committed code.  (My scripts don't take into account checkins made on behalf of people without write access to svn, sorry!)  Thanks to everyone, but I personally want to highlight the numerous contributions -- in alphabetical order -- by Benny Malengier, Doug Blank, Espen Berg, Jérôme Rapinat, Mirko Leonhäuser, Nick Hall, Peter Landgren, Rob Healey, and Serge Noiraud.

I'll soon upload the Ubuntu .deb file to SourceForge.  As usual, for the other package maintainers, if you want to send me an e-mail with a link to your 3.2.4 package, I'll make sure it gets uploaded to SourceForge.

Best regards on this lovely Canadian Thanksgiving!

Stéphane Charette