2010/5/29 lrlaskey <lrlaskey@gmail.com>

Hello. I think I have duplicate dbs, meaning differing names but the exact same content, the result of trying to fix some problems. I want to compare them so as to find and delete the duplicates. I have GRAMPS 3.1.3-1.

I have tried using the summary report but it is limited to creating one report at a time requiring the opening of each suspected duplicated db, I have many files to check and would like to compare dbs in batch, if possible.

I next tried to open the summary report from the command line but get one of two error messages.
  • If I have the db in question open, the error messages states the db is locked, cannot open it and who it is locked by. If I close it, it locks itself.
  • f I close the db and try to open the summary report I get the following error message.
    GRAMPS has experienced an unexpected error
    Your data will be safe but it would be advisable to restart GRAMPS immediately. If you would like to report........................make a bug report.
The code I used from the command line is as follows. Might it be a syntax error?  Am I using the wrong code?
gramps -O dbname --a=summary

This changed in 3.2, see http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gramps_3.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Command_Line#Action_options

So now use: -a tool -p name=summary


What is the best method to do what I want to do?



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