2010/7/18 Paul Franklin <pf.98052@gmail.com>
I have been wondering the same sorts of things, as a newcomer.

You only commented about the trunk, not gramps32.  The roadmap
for 3.2.4 says it was "Scheduled For Release 05-09-10" for instance.
(But maybe that's my American prejudice showing?  Maybe it does
not mean "May 9" as I assumed but rather "September 5"?  In that
case perhaps I could suggest using month names everywhere?)

That date is just the day of creation of 3.2.4, not when it will be released. 

I realize that the time available from volunteer developers varies.  I
am not trying to be pushy.  I am just trying to understand.  For
instance is there some organized structure, as to who does what
in the "roadmap" -- a list of which person will do each number?

It unfortunately does not work like that. Bugs are fixed as developers choose to fix them. And we guarantee some level of support (we do not let thing rot that is).

I see present 3.2.4 http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/roadmap_page.php?version_id=21 has some resolved bugs already, so a release could be done. It is a holiday period however.
I have not been tracking the bugs in 3.2.3, is there a real issue which would require a new bug fix release? If not, I would rather aim for a bug fix release end of august if the release manager has time.