Ok, I commented some extra in that patch.
Locally I can have the statusbar appear on startup. It quickly get's hidden though.

1. what is the white thing? Is it the gtk.Frame, or does it come from webkit?
2. why not use size_allocate to resize the image, instead of size-request?
3. is it not needed to set width/height somewhere of webkitview:


2010/10/29 Serge Noiraud <Serge.Noiraud@free.fr>
Benny Malengier a écrit :


In attachment a quick change on geoview that makes the bottom statusbar show again correctly.
The width is not ok yet.
This changes nothing for me. The html view is always above the statusbar.
What is your distrib or your webkit version ?

Anyway, I think this patch shows that geoview problems in a pane are a programming problem, not a real limitation.
I'm not sure. The html page in the pane grows when you enlarge gramps.
The html size remains the same size when you reduce it and is displayed above the other windows.
You can try this when the filter is activated and you try to resize gramps (enlarge then reduce).

Can you investigate further with this patch?
I'm always trying to solves this since a few weeks without success.