I see in the diferrence:

Date: Gramps behavior is that users select a date format according to their locale in the preferences. Reports should not deviate from this. This feature from your report is a typical thing that is nice for the creator, but breaks Gramps common behavior. I don't know what you try to fix with this feature.

Clickable links in endnotes: in trunk if you open a note, you seen in the toolbar a 'link' button. So for trunk, this feature you added should be replaced with the global way of adding links to notes. I think in trunk the odf backend supports this already.


2011/2/15 Adam Stein <adam@ppdev.mc.xerox.com>
Just created a wiki page and added my report plugin (for Gramps v3.2)
for FilteredReports.  This first version is more of a proof-of-concept
than a fully featured plugin (even though it does work given the
limitations specified on the page).  I'm posting this to developers
since I include modified versions of some core Gramps code with the
plugin (the wiki page details what I did) so that the plugin can work
without the core changing.

You can find the description at:


If there is interest, maybe my Gramps code modifications can find there
way into the core.

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