2010/9/23 jerome <romjerome@yahoo.fr>

Talking with someone about Gramps' features on a forum, maybe I found a point we never highlighted: the starting point for seizure!

Most genealogical applications are centred on individuals or families. Gramps is more flexible.
ie. we can have a Family Tree without individuals or family but with some genealogical data !

Some programs are also generating indexes without individual object: event or repositories/source editors. In France, they are used for generating indexes.

Imagine a transcription session:
Select an old book or online archive, then instead of looking at the individuals, you start to edit the first event (page1), then the second event (page2), etc ... Event text could be written into Note, then all these events will be indexed into repositories/sources. (Linking person objects may be possible)

That's not new, but some specific program are used for that.
Gramps users do not have limitations on database number (Family Trees). We are free to make our genealogy and to manage some alternate databases into Gramps.

I know that Census event is a special event and Nick provided an Addon for Census Events. But I would like to make a tutorial for birth (baptism, fallback solution), mariage, death (burial, fallback solution) events, old text with faults, search and export or sort samples, etc ...

I suppose this could help Aunt Martha and their transcript sessions. So, I know that this could be useful on my country: a cultural use[1]. Local societies|associations share some data transcripted by members. But is it the way used on others countries ?

Should I try to also make a tutorial in english or only in french?

English gives you more reach.
I don't fully get where you are going. Just creating events, no people. Sorting them would be somewhat a bummer, or it must be that you use the event id as the index in the book. Might be a nice alternative way of using Gramps. It does not beat using Gramps for tracking your sheep however!


[1] http://french-genealogy.typepad.com/genealogie/2010/03/the-genealogy-groups-les-cercles-g%C3%A9n%C3%A9alogiques.html


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