Why do you say "not so for Windows"?  Steve always provides the Windows version just a day or so after I make the releases available on SourceForge, and the Windows .exe is normally up on SourceForge within 24 hours or so after the release.  Please look at the URL I provided in my last e-mail.


2010/6/15 Jim Poteet <jimpoteet@blomand.net>
Unfortunately, not so for windows. The version I have is their latest, and 415 days old as of today. However, when I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago, I was impressed at how much GRAMPS had improved over the last time I had used it, 3-4 years ago.

I'm dusting off the ubuntu box as we speak!

Thanks again.

On 6/15/2010 12:44 PM, � wrote:
Note that 3.1.1 is not the most recent, it actually is from over a year
ago.  There have been 6 newer releases of Gramps since then!

Version 3.2.3 is the most recent, and is available on SourceForge:


2010/6/15 Jim Poteet <jimpoteet@blomand.net <mailto:jimpoteet@blomand.net>>

   Thanks for the advice. I'm an on-again/off-again user of gramps, and
   what I was doing just didn't feel right, so I've undone the shared

   I am using the latest version (3.1.1) of GRAMPS windows and the
   person editor does not show family events. I've got a ubuntu box, so
   I may try installing there to check our a later version.

   Thanks for your help.

   On 6/15/2010 12:06 AM, � wrote:

           However, I have started adding these births as shared events
           in the
           father's and mother's entries as well. This allows me to see
           a list of
           the individual's children in the individual's entry rather
           than having
           to go to the family entry to find them.

       I personally only share birth events between twins.  This way when I
       find additional information on the birth and add a note (for
       they both immediately have it.

       I'd go as far as saying I don't think you should share the child's
       birth into the parent.  Seems like the wrong way to do things.
       other things, it will probably really mess things up if you ever
       decide to share your database with a family member, especially
       if that
       person is not using Gramps.

       If this is a usability thing, you may want to enter a feature
       instead.  For example, in the newer version(s?) of Gramps, I see the
       "Person Editor" now lists both events for the person, as well as
       events in a family.  Would it be helpful if this event viewer also
       showed a subset of events from children in these families?