2010/11/22 Doug Blank <doug.blank@gmail.com>
On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 2:11 PM, Martin Steer <martinsteer@maxi.net.au> wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 01:39:54PM -0800, Tim Lyons wrote:
>>I think removing the topbar search facility would be a bad idea (TM). I
>>frequently use the search facility as a very quick way to narrow down a
>>large number of entries. In contrast, I didn't really know that the filter
>>sidebar existed (although now you mention it, I may have seen references to
>>it on gramps-devel), and I have certainly never used it. The filter sidebar
>>takes up a lot of space in the window, whereas the search is very compact.
>>If you want to simplify the interface, then I would much prefer you removed
>>the filter sidebar instead!
> I agree with all of the above. As a fairly longterm user, I'm not very
> interested in filters, but I do want quick access to data. (For what is,
> to my mind, a brilliant search interface, try Lifelines.) Screen space
> is also important to me. The current sidebar steals a quarter of my
> screen.

I think we are headed to a consensus on UI issues:

- keep an easy-to-use topbar version
- make access to a more powerful dialog handy
- keep the more powerful version from taking up so much space
- make it so that one can understand how these work
- make it so the way they work matches expectations

I think we can do all of this. If someone has screen captures of
LifeLines (or any other software) doing filtering/searching, that

Hmm, http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=852&ssid=4897
Press s to search ;-)

might be useful.

Perhaps Martin meant something else, or meant the speed?