2010/12/15 Doug Blank <doug.blank@gmail.com>
Of course, you could continue to use your Access tables in Ubuntu.
But, Gramps provides the structure that many people would like.

Not my goal is to end in Access that has not changed since its 1997 version.

You might consider a method of linking your Gramps data to your
external database. That might be the best of both worlds. There are
interfaces in Python for directly accessing many standard database

Yes this solution if it exists would be great.
I do not yet know the Python programming.
>> Gramps file formats are compressed with gzip.
> Thanks. Too bad this is not indicated in the software.

If you find someplace in the wiki that this needs to be mentioned,
please do make a note. The details of the file format are not
necessarily useful to everyone.
No, a brief mention in the software is necessary.
"Choose the output format :
(o) Gramps XML (.xml.
(o) Gramps XML (compressed with gzip)"

> I think I'm going to try to import a script by writing VBA to XML. At first
> glance, there seems to be less code systems in the XML file in SQLite.
> However codes are impressive not handle their length. I will look into that.
> By chance, is it possible to import its basic 2-stroke? Let me explain: the
> basic import my GEDCOM and the rest in XML?

I don't think you can augment GEDCOM data with additional data from
Gramps XML. The reason is that files are linked in XML by their
"handle" and GEDCOM uses the ID. I would suggest just exporting
everything to XML.
XML export while it is not a problem but how then import it into Gramps? I suppose there is a format to follow?