Dear Greg:

This working on the documentation is a very important part of Gramps, and yet, the least liked on them all!

I think it is a wonderful place to get started with Gramps, and ask a lot of questions too...

Welcome aboard and thank you...

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On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 7:45 PM, Greg Lamberson <> wrote:

As part of my self-indoctrination process, I'm going through the 3.3 English manual carefully to improve its readability, make sure it's reflective of what the user actually sees, and to generally make sure I'm thoroughly familiar with things. The following questions have come up so far during this process:

1. Screen Shots: Should I redo all the screenshots to maintain uniformity in the manual or continue my practice of merely replacing the ones which have changed? It's starting to look rather inconsistent. Is there a naming convention for screenshots? I could not find one and have been making my own.
2. Backup, Archive, Export: Was the manual written before "Make Backup" was a menu item? This option is not mentioned in the manual (at least in the obvious places), and instead the export to xml/pkg option is mentioned as the preferred method to secure data before upgrading. If "Make Backup is still not the preferred option, it should at least be mentioned. Right now the absence of this option within the documentation is confusing, especially with the export and archive methods also being mentioned.
3. Name Editor: I did my best regarding the changes in the Name Editor, but this section needs to be looked at by someone with more familiarity with these options just to make sure it's correct and complete.

If I'm jumping the gun here on someone, I apologize. I'm just trying to jump in here and learn and get up to speed the best I can.

Greg Lamberson

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