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I cannot reproduce the freeze on my box. However, after sort on not name, I also cannot select anymore a media file, so it is clearly reproducable


2010/10/12 Łukasz Karcz <torero@poczta.onet.pl>
Hello folks,

sorry for reporting bug of not up-to-date version... I'm just heavily working on my tree and it's occured a minute ago. I hope ;) you can reproduce that in the very last version.

3.2.3-1 on Ubuntu Karmic. When adding a media object, a file selection window appears. It's sorted with filename by default. When I try to sort with either size or modified column, gramps freezes and disallows to choose a file. I can revert to filename sort order and everything is OK. Choosing a file after size or modified" sort just doesn't work. It's rather not a gnome issue as within gedit it works quite good.

Thank you very much for GRAMPS. It turned me both to Linux and genealogy :)


Lukasz Karcz

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