2010/8/29 GL <glsbsc@gmail.com>
 On 29/8/2010 18:14, Doug Blank wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 11:35 AM, GL<glsbsc@gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Is there a simple way to generate a report restricting birth dates (or other
>> events) on living people, possibly without:
>> - marking all records private,
>> - exporting to a new tree
>> ?
> If the particular report that you are interested in doesn't offer a
> check box for restricting details, then it is not currently possible.
> But we are planning on integrating the Private Proxy functions with
> all of the reports in Gramps 3.3.

OK. In Gramps 2, there was an option in the GEDCOM export to filter
birth dates (without marking people 'living'). Unfortunately this
feature has been removed (at least in version 3.1). I think it would be
nice if it could be reintroduced.

You should use 3.2, installers are available for most distributions and it runs where 3.1 runs.

This feature was removed because of privacy complaints and complexity (it did not work so good actually). Also many people had conflicting desires and we decided to only include what we can maintain.

To not have 'Living' apear, you can edit ExportGedcom.py, and change

Version 3.3 will have an option for that in the interface.

To set what person is considered living, in the preferences, change the Dates tab. Those values are used to decide if a person is alive if he has no date (which is something 2.2 could not handle, while no dates are common for people who are long death). Eg, if the brother has a birth date, then maximum sibling age difference and maximum age probably alive are used to determine if the person is alive or not.

I think what is missing is having the alive calculation run for eg 1990, so you exclude all personal info of people who where alive in 1990. The old feature in 2.2 had a setting like that.
Doug, is there an easy way to do that with probably_alive function?


For this reason, I rolled back to version 2, but it seems there are some
problems with the dates I added while using 3.1.


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