Important: Broken trunk databases coming, do not use trunk for work as long as developers do not clear it.

People who do NOT use our development code (trunk) can skip this mail.

Just to be clear to everybody, upgrading your database after last commit of yesterday might work ok, but it does mean that upgrading a database brings your database to an in between NOT SUPPORTED state.

What we support is the database scheme of version 3.2, what will be the 3.3 scheme, and upgrade from 3.2 to 3.3.

After the upgrade you do today, your database is in an in between state, and hence no longer supported, so ONLY UPGRADE FOR TESTING !!

Use 3.2 for real work. Normally, using xml to go from 3.3 to 3.2 should keep working.

Nick, if issues, and when you do the upgrade for the other database objects, ONLY TEST upgrade from 3.2 to your last database change, do NOT test upgrade of previous upgrade to new upgrade.
When we release, all our users will do the first, only developers will test the last, so it is paramount that what we test every time is 3.2 to 3.3, and nothing else.


2010/8/29 Nick Hall <>

I have now committed the first stage of the new tagging functionality to
trunk. (r15830)

Please note that this involves a database upgrade to version 15.

1. Functionality

Toolbar button and Edit menu tag menu allows users to tag a selection of
people in a Person View with a new tag or an existing tag.
Toolbar button and Edit menu tag menu gives access to a tag organizer.
Tags can be viewed and edited in the person editor.
Tags column in Person Views.
New HasTag person filter.
Tag selection in the person sidebar filter.
Tag organizer allows users to Add, Edit and Remove tags.

2. Limitations

I have implemented this for people only at the moment.  We can extend
this to other primary objects later.
I have not written the xml export and import yet.  This is the next item
on my ToDo list.

3. Known Issues

It is possible to Undo a "Remove Tag" operation.  This will restore the
tags in the Person objects but noe restore the entry in the Tags lookup
A tag will be lost if an object is tagged when its editor is open and
then "OK" is clicked in the editor.

Let me know what you think.



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